In today's, very competitive era, joint effort is required for the prosperity of our sector in general, as well as that of each enterprise individually.
The Greek Cold Storage & Logistics Association is aware of these requirements and tries to offer the best possible benefits to its members.

Registration Info
Companies with the appropriate mechanical and facility equipment for refrigeration production are eligible to become Regular Members.
Companies, organisations and persons who offer products or services relevant to the aims of the Regular Members are eligible to become Associated Members.
Additionally, any private individual or student willing to have knowledge of the novelties in the sector, could become a member.

Through our Digital Library members can have access to Information concerning relevant Legislation, technical issues, International developments, Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Guides, Educational Material concerning Refrigeration, foods and logistics in general.

Here you can see the list of Members of The Greek Cold Storage & Logistics Association


The aim of the Greek Cold Storage & Logistics Association is to support and enhance the completeness and professionalism of the sector of storage and distribution services provision of products under controlled conditions.